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11-04-2010, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by Jeff-El
I'd like to see the entrance moved. Either (a) put an Aenigma Nebula at Sol, SB39, K7, DS9, Ganalda, etc., (b) move the Aenigma to Sector Space, or perhaps best of all, (c) put it in the drop-down menu next to "Visit the Bridge." I can guarantee you that making it instantly accessible from any non-combat map would make it very desirable...though perhaps even at the expense of the other, tougher to reach social zones.

Right now though, it's simply too much effort to zone into Sol System, then turn my ship around to access the Nebula when I could just punch Full Impulse and dock at ESD instead.
I agree with that, though the reason I find most compelling would be to remove the portal gate out of Earth's orbit.

Because... seriously... Earth has a glowing portal gate in its orbit, right besides Earth Space Dock? It stinks of ridiculousness to me.

Having the option added to the dropdown menu seems an attractive one to me. Furthermore, you might consider changing "Visit the Bridge" to "Visit the Ship".