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11-05-2010, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by Cpt_Richardson View Post
Speaking of this, add occasionally odd/whacky/strange/awesome events that are semi-random.

Things like a Klingon chasing a romulan into the room suddenly, screaming for the 'dastardly pointy-ear' to give him back his bloodwine as he brandishes an early mark disruptor and bat'leth.... only for the patrons to look but for a moment, collectively shrug, and go back to drinking. Not their problem, after all.

Or some little dude standing up on the stage, and proclaiming himself 'Lord Zim the almighty and Moist', and making outrageous claims and demands.

That's actually something all stations need, a bit more variety to what happens. The Captain's Table just needs to be more awesome.
I approve of this idea...and the concept of adding higher level gear vendors, and shipyard facilities.....Dabo, obviously....and I completely agree with moving the entrance....I can't wait to see how The Captain's Table evolves over time, but if the devs only use a tenth of the ideas in this thread it'll be an awesome place.