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11-05-2010, 04:16 AM
Ok, I'm going to inject my two cents worth here. I posted something similar a long time ago and was essentially told to pound sand. But, I'll try it again:

I believe all ships should have universal bridge officer slots, because it allows for more customization of the bridge layout. Now before everyone starts whining about how this makes the ship nothing more than a skin, here is where the real fix needs to be applied:

All Galaxy-classes should have the ability to saucer seperate.

The Nebula-class evidently has some specialized tachyon detection toy (I haven't used it so I can't talk too much about it) but it allows you to detect cloaked ships.

The only thing the Prometheous-class had going for it in the show was Multi-vector attack mode, and you can bet sooner or later that will make its way into the game as well.

My point being, with all of the different types of ships in Trek lore, the ships themselves should have more specialized ablities, beyond merely being a cruiser, escort or science vessel and not just at rear-admiral level but as a fucntion of the type of vessel they are.

That would eliminate the ships merely being skins as they each have some kind of unique ability.

Universal bridge stations on Federation ships are cannon. The Federation celebrates infinite diversity in infinite combinations, the Klingons on the other hand are a very orderly and strictly regimented species. So when the Feds get stuck with set bridge terminals and the klingons get free reign to place anyone wherever they want, I cry FOUL!

Make all terminals universal, it forces captains to think beyond, this guy is flying a galaxy-class so his highest ranking tactical officer is only a lieutenant. The enemy commander should NOT know that.

What he should know is that my Galaxy-class may well seperate and come at him from more than one spot and he should plan accordingly.