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OK, this is for the folks that want to write adventures and have NEVER done anything like it.
Folks can add to my list.

1. If a tutorial is it, take notes
2. Don't just read about features, us them, practice, practice
3. You have an epic story it, learn the tool first.
4. Your writting a TV episode...not the movie DUNE...keep it playable in 15-30 minutes until you get
confortable creating.
5. Your writing a story, or creating a fun place....your not designing a death trap.
6. Keep in mind what lvl player your writing for and are they solo or grouped?
7. KISS keep it simple stupid, is good for the process, not the in
plot= go here and kill 5 mobs...done. thats not a plot, that is a task.
8. If a part of the tool set is complicated and is prob important
9. Even if you love your story...others might not, it is a learning process
10. if playing through it feels like is.
10a. What is the difference between a really good adventure and a great one.....the little details.
please feel free to add to the list, assuming these are for the total noobs.