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11-05-2010, 08:17 AM
Originally Posted by tom_riker01 View Post
All Galaxy-classes should have the ability to saucer seperate.

The Nebula-class evidently has some specialized tachyon detection toy (I haven't used it so I can't talk too much about it) but it allows you to detect cloaked ships.

The only thing the Prometheous-class had going for it in the show was Multi-vector attack mode, and you can bet sooner or later that will make its way into the game as well.
So all ships should now have a "Special Ability" as well as Universal slots? Why not ask for insta-kill buttons while your at it? Or Meta-Phasic shielding? Or easy anti-cloaking at your fingertips?

Universal bridge stations on Federation ships are cannon. The Federation celebrates infinite diversity in infinite combinations, the Klingons on the other hand are a very orderly and strictly regimented species. So when the Feds get stuck with set bridge terminals and the klingons get free reign to place anyone wherever they want, I cry FOUL!
If the BO slots are universal in canon, why is Data up front at one terminal post doing science stuff, Wesley at another piloting, Worf at another doing tactical and Geordi over on the side doing engineering from the same locations every episode? Seems they all had designated locations to me.