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11-05-2010, 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by StormShade
Ok, so, aside from a Dabo Table (That's a given) what else would you all like to be able to see at The Captain's Table? Lay it on me!
As someone said before: there are too many social areas but too few people to populate them. Why would you want to thin it out even more?

A captains table should be a separte part on ESD (but grant access to the ESD chatchannel). To make it special it should offer some kind of service/items that are fun but have no influence on the gameplay. i.E. some special consumables (or tribbles), special character effects (much like the shipt-firework emote for the 300day lifer), special minigames that grant the same rewards like other games (GPL/dabo), etc. pp..

At the moment this place offers nothing special (despite some strange NPCs). And in addition you are seperated from the "outside world" (read: social chatchannels like ESD).

If I could to the same things there that I do on ESD (socializing, auction items, doing bank stuff, etc.) and had an incentive to go there (in contrast to now where Im penalized) Id be more than happy!

Just my two cents