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11-05-2010, 09:18 AM
Not a lifer yet, I don't know what is there, but I think it should have everything that Deep Space K-7/Ganalda station and Earth Space Dock/Quonos offer.

- Vendors that sell common gear of all tiers.
- Ship vendors
- Customizers
- Emblem, Mark and Badge shops
- Respec Officer
- Repair and Healer "shops"
- BO trainer
In addition:
- Latinum Gear
- Emblem Exchange Vendor.

I can see an argument to be made for there being no way to buy Bridge Officers.

It should probably also have at least one perk that might make it worth going there. Maybe the only place to acquire common Mark XI gear. Or the only place to buy tribbles or rare foodstuff. Transwarp Tokens to the Table. A latinum store for unique trophies. A Crafting station for consumables only.