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11-05-2010, 09:50 AM
Move it to earth. I don't care where. Paris, London, NYC, Starfleet Academy. It doesn't matter.

Though if you were cool enough to put Fleet HQs at San Francisco, that would be props.

As for inside the aenigma nebula:

1) vendors selling various common goods, such as hypos, at 85%
2) vendors who can sell high-level food with an associated cooldown. For instance, you can buy a heart of targ, but then you have to wait a week before you can purchase from the vendor.
3) a unique quest once in a while. even if it's just a "fetch" quest, something that will help bring in an emblem or diplo would be great.
4) a puzzle mission every month that can give you the opportunity to train a BOff in a rare or very rare skill. Something like, "my cat got lost in the eps conduits and the only way to get it out is to statically charge the air with ionized gasses. trip the wrong system and kitty turns into a fritter." I'm more of a dog person
5) poker and dabo tournaments for items specific to the blinds/bet amount (figure a monthly tournament at aenigma and bi-monthly at DS9 and Ganalda.) The higher the blinds in poker, the rarer the item. It adds a pride element, as well, since klinks can play against feds here.

I think the amount of vendors here should be somewhat limited, but emblem, mark, and other quest-currency vendors must be present.