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Premise in Brief: Klingons, Nausicaans, Orions, Gorn, and Romulan Defectors in Service to the Emperor -

Our Story:

For centuries, Klingons throughout the Empire awaited the return of Kahless, hoping that he would renew the Klingon spirit and guide the Empire to a more Honorable path. His eventual return did not take the form anyone expected. The religious leaders on Borath created a copy of the Emperor using cloning technology and neural imprinting. Some saw the new Kahless as an abomination. Others made a leap of faith and accepted him as the rightful heir to Kahless. In a move that is still controversial today, Kahless II ascended to the Imperial throne. An Emperor without real power, he was intended to be a moral and spiritual guide to the people.

In order to reflect the prestige of the position, the Chancellor granted Kahless II a handful of ships and enough assets to keep him from paupery. However, these ships were aged and the assets were minimal. It was not desired that this icon of Kahless should become as powerful as the original. Chancellor Gowron and those that succeeded him were ever-mindful of the potential threat that the Emperor could pose to their power.

Despite his earnest efforts, Kahless II failed to enhance his position with the people. Many had heard of his lack of prowess in single-combat with Gowron. Others questioned the ability of a programmed test-tube Emperor to imbue the Empire with a superior morality. Of those Klingons that supported the Emperor, some saw him as a quaint reflection of times past, and accepted his ideas only half-heartedly. This situation was exacerbated less than a decade ago, when a Romulan colony world defected from the Romulan government and requested the protection of the Klingon Empire. It was the intervention of Kahless II that allowed the Romulan colony to become a Klingon protectorate, and the unpopularity of this move washed away most of the lingering respect accrued to the Emperor.

These past few years might have seen the Emperor's House come to ruin, as it was said that only Madmen would serve in the New House of Kahless. However, the Emperor continued his controversial policy of accepting all who swore fealty and blood to the Empire, regardless of their race or ancestry. As a result, the ships and lands of his House are commanded, crewed, and populated with the most diverse collection of races to be found in any House of the Empire.

When the Emperor recently left Q'onos on a personal quest... It was a Nausicaan who acted as caretaker to his estate. Klingons, Romulan defectors, and other aliens could be found commanding the ships of his small fleet in harmonious concordance. Cast in the shadow of dishonor, these loyal servants of Kahless have worked unceasingly to prove themselves worthy citizens of the Empire. As a consequence, and despite all odds, the New House of Kahless is beginning to grow in reputation and esteem. In recognition of this achievement, the new Chancellor has begun to grant the warriors of the House new ships, important ranks, and vital duties to the Empire.

Now we reach out to you, fellow warriors. Are you prepared to make a Leap of Faith, and serve the honor and ideals of the Emperor?

Join us, and Find the True path to Glory!


We are a light rp-fleet that allows Romulans to engage in Klingon plots with a fairly plausible backstory. We accept candidates of all races and ranks.

We use the KDFA Ventrillo servers at: PORT: 6217

The KDFA has been gracious enough to grant us our own room there called 'New House of Kahless.'

Our House website is at:

Please sign on to our website and join us on ventrillo and in the game. The Fleet Leader can be found most nights after 9PM Pacific, and most mornings before 10AM. However, our helpful membership will be glad to assist you at just about any time of day.

Let's build an exciting game experience together!