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11-06-2010, 04:23 AM
Originally Posted by Saaxton
Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of this? If a large number of players are requesting something, stop asking yourself if it would be fun and give them what they want. Yes, most of us are here to have fun. But for a large number of us (myself included), we want to know that there's a seemingly unlimited universe out there waiting to be explored. I want to feel like there's a living, breathing space out there, teeming with undiscovered life...not feel like I'm in a holodeck simulation with a bad memory buffer.

Q: icebluz Will we ever see the new faction that appeared in Pelia system? The ship with the purple glow that came in and killed the borg cube, then said "Thats right, we are bad a**es and you must fear us" Well they didn't say that exactly but that was what i got from it.

A: Yes! They will be making a return in the future so stay tuned!

If you clicked on the ship, then right clicked and selected "info" you'd have been able to see their faction symbol, which, if you held your mouse over it, would pop up as "Iconian".
Some interesting material there, thanks dstahl for answering them.

Point 1- I'd like to be able to name a planet or animal/plant species someday But seriously, implementing "infinite space" is easier said than done. Would it be randomly spawned for an individual player? That'd mean my experience is totally different from yours, and I can't help you if you need assistance to attack a mob.

Point 2- anyone have a screenshot of this Iconian/purple haze ship in Pelia? Sounds interesting