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11-07-2010, 06:21 AM
I had made a thread about using dialogue choice trees for simulated bridge combat from the bridge point of view within based on choice/outcome trees (quick example Your surrounded by four Romulan Warbirds and your Tac gives you a few choices like 1.) Raise shields fire all weapons 2.) evasive maneuvers try and get us out of here 3.) hail the romulans) etc etc. But that is just "within" certain missions as a new option besides just the regular pew pew.

I have written half a season's worth of synopsis that will be turned scripts here are a few minor examples

1.) "Groundhog Day"- When you are sent to The U.S.S Pandora ,a nebula class test ship, to oversee the testing of an upgraded chroniton torpedo, The Pandora's captain, a female vulcan, informs you she will be taking extended leave due to an unforeseen pregnancy. When the Chroniton weapon is finally tested in a remote secret location, a strange flash occurs..suddenly you find the Vulcan captain repeating her announcement of her pregnancy and realising this day just got very deja vu...

2.) Temporal cold war story arc(Title in works)- A female vulcan officer (yeah again), approaches you to reveal she is a Federation time agent. She explains the temporal cold war and that "Fixed" time-line has been purposely created (similar to the permanent way the TREK 2009 film timeline was not "wiped") agents from the other factions of the cold war have manipulated this timeline to create a more militant, Vulcan "Empire" that became infiltrated and changed by Romulans from the future, who have a way to open a rift that the Imperial Vulcan fleets can invade through to "this" timeline and unleash hell.(Obviously an excuse to really show off them nice new Vulcan ships )

As the story progresses (spoiler but it is changing slightly so revealing this won't matter by the end) The Vulcan agent is injured and a close medical scan reveals she is in fact, Romulan not vulcan.
While at first assuming she is a Romulan spy, and tossing her in the brig, it has a twist- she is a Romulan true, but in the 31st century the Romulans are Federation members. She grew up a loyal federation citizen and later Starfleet Temporal agent.

NOte- She mentions Romulans from future causing the other timeline- they are from an earlier time period before Romulans join the feds.

3,) "Holo-Day on Risa"- part 1 of the Photonic revolution- When a terrorist group takes hostages on Risa, starfleet send your crew to take care of it- but these are no ordinary terrorists. Led by a stolen copy of Holo Leeta , a group of self aware Holograms have declared Risa their official Photonic homeworld and want all non Photonics off their world Asap or else!

And finally, for humor-4.) P.I.E. -Phased entity Investigations and Eliminations- "PhaseBusters" a special group created in the wake of the Dividian incident this series- Who ya gonna hail?

Just a couple of examples.