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11-07-2010, 12:00 PM
"FIrst, I have my BOs on Passive so they dont agro"

What I also did was right mouse click on each of their abilities to shut them off (they turn red) to be sure; I have seen that passive mode only still agros when you do not want to. I turn their abilities on again only just before the last fight with the bad guys.

BUG: Did not have the problems with the Jeffreys tubes but I had to do the episode twice cuz first time it did not show as complete even when I did complete it. Possible solution:
- After you complete the episode you get two dialogs, "Return to ship" and "Return to your own time"
- Cancel both until you have no dialogs at all, not even plain text ones.
- Now click on the "Return to your own time" button on the right of your screen.
- "Return to ship" dialog appears (pretty stupid one since you are in the past but your ship is not); press ok
- You should now be back in your own time in front of the door when you started this.
- Beam back to ship (again)
- Leave station space
- Contact Drake and get the reward

Worked for me the second time.