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Originally Posted by Husanak View Post
First off... how the heck do we get dragged into this. lol

Yes we Suppress Deployment in Ker Rat... most feds suck it up. Some warp in with fleet mates and give us glorious battle. Some hit an engine battery and evasive away; again giving us glorious battle. Some sit there and die; there tears fuel our tear drives it is also glorious in its own way.

Perhaps we should sit in sector space and wait for our ques to pop like good little monster players... wait hell no we are Klingon we will wait where we can take the fight to our enemies; until they grow the spine to face us in the arena.

Win our respect and you will get one on one battles in Ker rat... Force our respect by bringing some fleet mates. Battle in Ker Rat can be glorious. It is necessary indeed to break a few eggs to make an omelet. Ker Rat will sharpen you if you let it. Honestly we rarely sit more then 2-3 ships to suppress deployment we want reinforcements to bring us battle not warp outs.

Perhaps you should stick around awhile Hippo and join us in battle... too many are too quick too judge the Deployment Suppression. We have forcibly improved many federation players. They return to Ker Rat for battle; they don't have too... in some cases the improvements are impressive.

I guess some improvise silly tactics like log outs. lol
Honestly novel idea... very Captain Kirk.
Actually I have been in Fed side teams that have broken RZR spawn camps and yes the fights were good... my objection is to using a pre-made to spawn camp individuals arriving in-zone over and over again. Unlike me, who has the ability to call in fleeties to break spawn camps if I find myself in one, many players are not in fleets and that effectively precludes them for actually entering the instance as they get shockwave camped and blown up whilst stunned in seconds because they are alone.

And to further blacken my view of RZR, I was flighting a Fed the other day in Ker'rat after he challenged for a 1v1 over the broken planet (i.e. nowhere near the spawn) and a RZR pre-made came over and killed my opponent even though the duel was clearly announced in zone and frankly we all know that fights over the broken planet are duels anyway.

Now I realise that in the ebb and flow of PvP, we use pack tactics to kill people... the many focus fire the one and that is not a problem: it is called 'team work' and this is a team game. My objection is when the limitations of the game is used kill people when they are zoning in. Frankly it is an indictment of the game designers lack of attention to important details that it is even possible when all they need is a 5 second *total* immunity to *everything* upon repawning (which cancels the instant you use an offensive ability)

If I have collectively misjudged your fleet then I will apologise but thus far I see nothing honourable or admirable. And frankly logging out in normal combat situations is every bit as craven and dishonourable in my view.

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