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11-07-2010, 11:07 PM
Originally Posted by evilhippo View Post
I have been seeing people doing the most pitiful thing in Ker'rat lately... logging out mid combat, presumably by simulating a crash, when it is clear they are going to be destroyed.

And to see someone participating in an attempted spawn camp doing it when fleet members from the guy being camped did a coordinated zone-in to break the camp, well to describe this behaviour as chickensh*t would be an insult to chickens

Unbelievable. I would kick anyone doing this from our fleets but I guess some outfits just have lower standards.
I could understand in other MMOs when you lost money or gear when defeated in PvP, but in STO.........that's just plain stupid.

I myself really, really hate losing in PvP, but I never thought about pulling the plug just to avoid death.

But I'll be brutally honest, Ker'rat has got to go. It's become such a lame zone on so many levels. First, the zone is always bugged with somekind of problem. Second, those damn gold farmers and their use of exploits. Third, dishonorable acts.

People may laugh at me for saying this, but I find it really lame and dishonorable for players to take advantage of players being engaged in PvE for an easy kill. It just lowers the bar of PvPers and ruins it for everyone.

And from other's comments in this thread, it's becoming obvious that the concept of "Honor" in the STO PvP community is just a joke.

So I say that Cryptic needs to get rid of Ker'rat! Knock out a flock of birds with one stone!