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11-08-2010, 12:45 AM
No, Ker'rat does not have to go. I have fun in there without spawn camping or log-hopping or whatever.

Just because a zone invites "dishonorable" players doesn't mean the zone has to go. That's stupid. If you hate what's going on there, don't go there. That's almost the same as the zone being removed, but with the benefit of other people still being able to use it.

They can, if they feel like it, change the Dailies to no longer include Ker'rat. Fine with me. Then no one has to feel forced to go there to get his Emblems.

You can't force people to behave "honorful". If you remove the choice of being honorful and dishonrable (by what ever standards you set), then honor has no meaning. You can't be anything else anyway.

The "dishonorable" spawn gankers and log-hoppers can revel in their fantasies of might and the frustration they might cause to others, while the honorable people can revel in their fantasy of being a better person because they don't do stuff like that.