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11-08-2010, 04:15 AM
Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
You havn't provided any. Proof is screenshot.

I don't think you've actually read them... Because you would know better if you had.

In fact I am starting to think you've did'n read anything at all. You're not interested in support or dialouge. You just wan't somthing because you can't have it.

I know your type... You don't really care about anything other than your own opinion, and while you post you try to convice everyone that you're right, and make up some "make-belive" statement, insisting that you've read it somewhere on the internet.
Problem is that people often say "Sure: show us your proof, and we will belive you", and now you're stuck, because you've never really read it... it was just somthing that was made up to support your argument, hence you can't provide the evidence.

Either provide a direct link to a canon source, or even to the interview about what the writers would have "liked to be in the series" or admit that you did'n read this anywhere, because that is what everyone here is thinking.
excuse me but i think you are in the wrong here you dont know me for one and two ive read this online and in the books and ive seen them in ds9 so dont disrespect me or treat me like a kid im a 33 yr old man that is very intellegent and i have 2 collage degrees and ive served 14yrs in the army proudly and for you to say that about me is wrong