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11-08-2010, 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by Idali
The general idea as a electronic warfare tools is a good one,
Sadly the ingame version feels stupid because those ships do damage to others.
But thats a flaw of the entire holotech in trek, its just magic.

Take away the damage of the holoships, make them copies of the ships that generated them while cloaking the original ship.
Sorta like collecting the emissions of the original ship and projecting it to another place to evade incoming fire.
ide rather not have holographic ships at all. Some1 was talking bout sensor ghosts before, would be nice if we got a skill that instead makes enemy ships target random points in space (for all i care it should be small radiating spheres that draw their fire) or replace it with something else in general. but thats NEVER going to happen. im just ... hoping ... idle ... but hoping ... rly cant help but dislike photonic fleet