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11-08-2010, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Ultima_Prime
I'm new to the forums, not so much the game, but I was wondering, would anyone else like the inclusion of shuttle based missions. For example, you arrive at a planet that for some reason cant be beamed to so instead you have to take a shuttle down to the planet. This could also lead to a viewable shuttle bay aboard your ships. Just me.....oh well
I (and many others) would love to see shuttle missions, too. I think dstahl has said they want to make them, but I'm not too sure if they're on the 'immediate future' radar. Probably something they'll add in either Season 4 (which is supposedly around April of next year) or later.

Just don't let Chakotay fly one of them. (You think Troi piloting the Enterprise was bad...)