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11-08-2010, 08:59 AM
My guess would be that STO's code does not support giving players new costume options at the beginning of a mission, and then taking them away at the end. Since it is a C-Store item, they would have to take them away at the end, or they would be giving out something that other people have payed money for. Taking it away, however, could accidentally pull the item from people who already purchased it.

Ahh, the hidden perils of micro transactions.

Secondly, there would have to be the ability for the converstation system to recognize what kind of outfit the player has one (TOS Shirt, Pants, and Boots...would you need to include colors?). This likely does not exist within the code.

My bet is that you would want to force change a player and that player's BOffs' uniforms to specific ones dictated by the mission scripting (to avoid strange or unwanted results), and then force them back at the end of mission act. Perhaps this could be done with an item in inventory, though they would have to make the removal code more robust than that of the Flashlight, so that people don't get a C-Store item for free. I doubt this kind of coding for either of these solutions exists within STO as well.

I'm sure Cryptic could find a way to code around these or create them from scratch, given enough time. That kind of time, however, is a luxury they don't have when kicking out the weeklies.