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11-08-2010, 08:26 AM
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Bump, and a question.

Aux effects the amount of damage that FBP reflects, but how much? FBP III is stated to reflect back 100% of damage. I'm assuming that's based off of 75 Aux, where the rest of the Aux powers are balanced around. So how much of an effect does switching to 125 Aux have it on it? 150% damage reflected?
I have no idea. I'll have to get some help to test this, but it will go into my other thread detailing science powers when I get the answer.

Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
"Power Level Changes: Turn rate improvement has been moved from the auxiliary power level to the engine power level. Updated Evasive Maneuvers to use the engine power level as the modifier to turn rate, instead of auxiliary. Increasing power to shields now increases shield damage resistance to any damage. The formula is shield power level divided by 500, so 100% shield power would impart 20% damage resistance."
Emphasis added. Aux power has no direct effect on shield resistance. Its shield power that helps shields.

Originally Posted by BobTheYak
I could be wrong but I think aux increases shockwave kinetic damage. Not that it really matters.
When I tested it, it definitely did not affect it. I can test it again, but PSW had no change at all from aux power, from what I remember.