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# 1 Key binding fail
11-08-2010, 10:24 AM
ticket number #999,271

This has happend A LOT lately. I have made tickets on it before and I get the standerd cut and paste reply. can I get a more personal reply on it this time. I have my key-bindings set for #1 fire all phasers and #2 fire all torpedoes. But often when I log in and start a fight they don't work. All I can use it space bar for fire all weapons.

I check in chat and My number keys are indeed working. And my key-bindings in that tab are indeed still set the way I want them. I can type the numbers. Any idea why this is happening. has anyone else experienced this? Is this a common bug?

this has happened on both fed and klingon. and on various characters in both factions. If I completely close the game and restart, it will usually fix the problem. but it will often return as soon as I zone into a new combat scenario. Not always it seems to happen at random, but still this problem frequently occurs.

Please help