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11-08-2010, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by P.R.O.P.H.E.T.
Unless they can make them circumstantial (e.g only on Risa, your ship interior, etc.), I don't see this happening because I'm pretty sure CBS (rights-holders on the Star Trek property) and by extension Cryptic (who has to run things by CBS) don't want an ESD full of half-naked toons doing jumping jacks or pantomiming lewd acts.
I would have to disagree w/ this. In the 25th century there are these things called "holodecks" where people go to relax. These "holodecks" are located in almost every ship and station and people can simulate any number of environments, including beaches. When going into these "holodecks" people often will choose to dress appropriately for the program they intend to run.

We saw several episodes in TNG where the crew walked around the ship in costume because they were either coming or going to or from a holodeck. In DS9 who can forget Jadzia and Kira meeting Worf for the first time in medieval costumes. In VOY the crew was often seen walking in and out of the holodeck in swim suits when going to the resort program.

If your argument is from a "RPer's" POV then RP that the people you see in swim suits are simply coming or going to or from a holodeck.

BTW, several people made similar claims of "lewd acts" being performed if Caitians were permitted in game. I recall one particular argument where the poster claimed that there would be cat women pole dancing all over the stations and to date I have yet to see one.

I HAVE seen several people get "creative" w/ the sleeping, lounge and push up emotes though, so clearly "lewd acts" can be performed by anyone wearing anything.