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11-08-2010, 01:40 PM
Scripting will be a no not in the way it sounds like you want From this:

Originally Posted by Warem
I have a question.. is there any chance in hell we'll be able to save data om the module or on the character or somewhere? You see, in an ideal world, it would be rather nice to be able to track standing with certain factions/previous choices of the player on earlier adventures, and have the new adventure develop differently/have different options based on said actions.
Originally Posted by mapolis View Post
I don't believe we currently have this feature in the game as you describe it. I could see it keeping track of what missions you've done, and possibly feed that into the mission dialog trees or something. That would be cool to have in the game in general.

As for the hidden markers
Originally Posted by mapolis View Post
We already have hidden marker volumes that can be used as a mission objective that will complete when the player enters them. These can be used to trigger encounters currently. We don't have random mission branching, but I love that idea, so I'll put it on the wishlist

We will be adding the ability to have optional objectives soon, but it's not in yet.