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11-08-2010, 02:29 PM
I have a very serious Question which comes in two parts.

1, There was a similar Question to this, but not exact. Will we be able to take our existing gear say like the MK X purple mark of Valor Borg weapons, purple mark 10, shields, engines, deflectors and through the samples and partical traces upgrade them to MK 11, then to MK 12, and when they are released MK 13, and MK 14. Keeping the exact same features Like the Extra damage to Borg. Because I really do not want to spends Weeks grinding for marks or emblems once more to buy the exact same thing at a higher level.

2, Will we see a legitimate use for the Gold Pressed Latnium other then limited use Holoemiters. I have on one character over 100k GPL on just one character. Could there be a GPL Market where you can use the GPL to actually buy Blue and purple consoles? Even if the GPL price is higher then the EC Price like x2 for MK2 purple console, on progressively to x3 for a MK 3, x4 for a MK 4, up to x22 for a purple MK 12 console?

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