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11-08-2010, 05:24 PM
Originally Posted by WEII
i dont know what your problem could be but i never had any problem with key binding.

i assume you know your keybinds and so here is just few short line i copy over from my own file.

to use numpad 1
Numpad1 "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers"

to use 1 on the main section of the keboard
1 "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers"

i have no problem with it, although i personally uses
Z "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers" and then just ahk it.
actually I don't know much about doing it that way. I just bind my keys using the options/keybind menu in game. whenever this problem happens I always double check to see if my settings are still they way I set them and they are.