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11-08-2010, 11:06 PM
To: Captain Alecto J. Smith of the USS Valencia NCC-221906

From: Vice Admiral Jonathon Stipe

Captain it saddens me you feel this way. You have not taken accoutn that this is not a ship designed to coutner the Klingons. This ship, in fact, a ship designed to servea wide variety of purposes both in peace time and war time. She is designed to solve problelms whatever they are. No matter how small or large. Sir, the waste of resources is the thousands of Starfleet officer who lives are lost because of indaequate front line medical and engineering resources. Nay not building this ship would be a waste of resources for how can you put a price on a highly trained officer whose life will be lost without the support this ship could provide. Will you be able to write a letter to a dead crewmans family knowing that if you had had the support of a ship like MADAM he, would in all likelyhood, still be alive. I couldn't. Consider this before passing judgement.

Vice Admiral Jonathon Stipe