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11-09-2010, 04:47 AM
Originally Posted by SenshiBat View Post
Well they Changed their Clocks back at @ 2 AM Sunday PAst.. So mayhaps they forgot one.

Just go from their West Coast USA San Fransico Area time.. to your own to play safe.
and the servers down til top of hour i believe.. which ruined geting up 1.5 hours early here to
consider a Captain try at RALH ..

A well had to find my way clear to the coffee lamp and wood pile for fire. .so chilly..

Ill give you back my NAV lights if its going to cause a need for patches this soon after it happen

"Wheres Diane Sherman When you need a godo Script"
I checked the website and according to the website the server should have been up for about 45 minutes already.

But it doesn't matter that much, we still got enough playing time. It's only a bit frustrating when you thought to go play and it wasn't possible.