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# 1 Looking for RP Fleet!
11-09-2010, 06:42 AM
Hailing frequencies open...

Good morning, all. I'm Izzy Smith, a veteran of the game, and I play a Liberated Borg who has become well-adjusted to humanity again after his rescue from the Collective some seven or so years ago.

I'm not looking for a "hardcore" fleet... one that makes you "earn" your ships as you progress in level. Or makes you earn "merits" to get a new rank. This sort of behavior made me leave a fleet before...

Let's face it... it's easy to progress in level in this game, and I'm not going to be stuck flying a Constitution class at Captain levels. Or "paying" into a fleet guild account to have my "new ship built"... it's insane. I'd just like to roleplay.

I'm not going to roleplay anything past Captain's rank, I figure once I make Captain, that's good, I'm in charge of a ship that Starfleet hands me to take care of. Any "Admiral" ranks after that will be in RP, from the trust and the friendships I make in the Fleet. If I get promoted past Captain in the Fleet, then that's great, I'll assume that role.

An old time Trekker, I used to play Starfleet Command 1 and 2, Armada, and a few other games. I'm well aquainted with the Trek universe. I just restarted my character... he just got done with the tutorial. I did mail him a few things to help get started... heh. But other than that...

Look for me, @izzysmith, or the NX-WrathStar, or just message me in game or leave a post here. I'm serious about making the game a Trek story for myself... not just "fly or die" or "you bow down to us" sort of things...

I'm genuine, I'm curious if anyone is out there. Let's find out. Thanks!

at the moment...

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