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11-09-2010, 08:16 AM
Thanks for you help so far with this.

Firstly, my bridge is a large Nomad Bridge for the Star Cruiser and there are many many seats and many consoles available. Alll of my oficers are a high grade so I can swiitch them over for my other ships like science and escort - if I want some more fun . Also, I have two away team set ups that I frequently use.

My current BO crew compliment is 16. My crew on bridge are 11? with no generic BOFF's

Available: 18 seats around outside, 3 in the middle = 21
Taken: 2 seats around outside, 5 in the middle = 7
21 seats free. 7 Seats taken.

Bridge Consoles:
Available: 5 consoles around outside
Taken: 4 consoles around outside
5 consoles free, 4 consoles taken.

Positions taken: (7+4) = 11
Positions Free: (21+5) = 26
Positions in total: (11+26) = 37 so 26 remain free - hence my post

This was the reason I contacted support about a month ago and still have not had a reply via 'request GM help' in game. Any idea's please?

(Anyone feel free to add me in game and I'll show you for yourself if you'd like) Evo@Droc-lionia