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11-09-2010, 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by The_Handler
As I already said I got my subscribtion 4 days before the first launch of Star Trek Online, that's whay I dan't understand why I only have 295 day on my counter.
The earlest anyone can get it is on November 9th, today, and that's assuming you purchased your LTS on Jan 14th (the first day it was offered): Nov 9th is 300 days from Jan 14th. For each day you purchased it after Jan 14th 1 day gets added on to the date. Someone who started playing, and paying, on Feb 2nd (launch day) will not get their Vet Reward until Nov 28th. Based on the fact that you have 4 more days it would be assumed that you purchased your LTS around the 18th, and so won't get your Vet Reward until the 13th.