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11-09-2010, 03:23 PM
Originally Posted by Valias
Licensed isn't equal to canon. You have a lot of licensed products contradicting each other, which is why the fanbase came to the generally accepted conclusion of only regarding on-screen material as "hard canon" and everything else (books, games, etc) as "soft canon".
Exactly! Which makes this game Soft-Canon as well and therefore opens the way for federation Carriers or anything else that the Devs like to Introduce! We are not bound by Canon religiously here.

Given that Starfleet has been described as not being a military in hard canon (despite doubtlessly assuming a similar function when the need arises), both carriers and battleships appear simply too contradictory to the traditional Federation values. Both ship types can only be employed for one purpose: waging war. Starfleet's primary purpose is exploration, and a fleet of battleships and fighter carriers, complete with bomber wings and escorts sitting around in a dock at home for decades of peace simply is a waste of resources and gives a wrong signal to neighboring stellar empires.

And that's not even touching on the proven ineffectiveness of fighters as well as them being death traps for their pilots. It's a waste of life simply atypical to Starfleet.

If Starfleet ever had fighters and carriers in canon, I'm sure they would have send those instead of hastly refitted courier shuttles during the Dominion War.
Yet we are 30 years post Canon, and second and most importantly we are in a state of War. It would be playing an Ostrich puting its head in to the sand if StarFleet...did not follow its Superb Enginious Capacity to adapt to given situations as a fully flexible and Diverse entity the federation is supposed to be.

You said it your self "when the need arises"...war with the Warmongering Warrior Culture the Klingons represents a need that has arisen enough in my view!