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Originally Posted by DiamondCelestalis View Post
The cloak was a problem back in the 24th Century however Starfleet designed many ways to overcome it, my point being the canon-wise, the cloak should be useless. Oh at least a lot less powerful then it is currently.

Oh I give up! This really is getting pointless and I'm sick of meeting such opinionated morons in this game anyway.
War, and the accompanied arms race, is always a battle between technology and tactics, as new technology comes available, new tactics must be utilized to defeat it.

When Germany perfected the Submarine, the Allies developed the Wolf Pack, when the Germans started lying in wait rather than actively hunt, we invented the depth charge.

Technology -> Tactic -> Technology -> Tactic -> Technology..

You're suggesting that the technology of the cloaking device would have been useless now. Are Submarines useless now? Or have the various powers of the world developed quieter, faster, deeper-diving submarines?

The Klingons have enjoyed the use of their cloaks, and now the Federation has a ship with a technology to counter it, players who don't want to fly the Nebula must use their tactics to counter the Cloak.

Soon, the -fire torpedoes & mines while cloaked- B'Rel BoP will come to the KDF. We will have to develop tactics to counter it as well.