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11-10-2010, 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by ThomasGideon
My bet is that you would want to force change a player and that player's BOffs' uniforms to specific ones dictated by the mission scripting (to avoid strange or unwanted results), and then force them back at the end of mission act. Perhaps this could be done with an item in inventory, though they would have to make the removal code more robust than that of the Flashlight, so that people don't get a C-Store item for free. I doubt this kind of coding for either of these solutions exists within STO as well.
hmmm ... That got me to thinking of ways it could have been done ... or might be done if a similar situation pops up in the future.

One way to do that would be to issue each player some "armor" for them and their Boffs that when shown on the character looks like a generic TOS outfit. Then all the system has to do is check to see if that armor is slotted on the characters' sheets. Of course you'd have to forgo armor during the mission, so you may want to add one some level appropriate damage resistance to the "TOS armor".

Option two would be to create a personal holo-emitter like the kind you can buy for your ship only where it runs for the duration of the mission. When activated it would make you look like a generic person in TOS uniform and throw in a little flavor text explaining that holo-emitter "contains an image from the historical archives of an actual starfleet crewman of that era" or something like that.

Either way, you'd have to script it to disappear when the mission was completed. Of course you could add in a "safety" where the item is scripted to only show on certain maps (or not show on certain maps) just incase the removal code bugged on you.