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11-10-2010, 04:03 AM
Originally Posted by rpell
Will it be possible to have mission variables that key off of character data for the player, such as gender? For example, in a mission where, as part of the story, there is an supporting NPC that is supposed to be an old flame of the main character. Will it be possible to tie the gender of this NPC to the gender of the player character, say a female NPC for a male PC, or vise versa? Or maybe to have the NPC's species keyed off of the PC species?
rpell - I might have a way to work around not being able to access character variables.... just ask the PC.

Take the love interest story line for example : You create two identical maps (or two identical sections on the same map that you can't cross between). One has NPC's & setups for the female love interest branch of the story and the other for the male love interest version. Then at the beginning of the mission have a dialog pop up where the player chooses which one fits his character and he / she is then sent to the appropriate area.

You could use this technique to handle any number of possibilities. Of course this is not as good as keying off character variables because you have to double build (or triple, or more) everything but I think it might make for a viable work around provided you make sure that all the same mission objectives can be met on any map section.

Well there is ONE assumption. I know you can trigger a map change (beam up / down) from dialog. I'm assuming you can have one dialog beam to two different locations depending on which button you choose.