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11-10-2010, 03:14 PM
I would be supportive of an adjustment to the Assault and Star cruisers, rather than yet another Refit.

Maybe the Star Cruiser, as the more defensive of the cruisers, gets an additional boost to its defensive capabilities, and the Assault Cruiser, would be brought into line with the more tactical oriented Excelsior.

For example:

Assault Cruiser and Excelsior

Hull: 39000
Turn: 8 Deg / Sec
Weapons: 4/4
Consoles: 4 Eng / 2 Sci / 3 Tac
  • Ens Engineer
  • Lt Engineer
  • Cmdr Engineer
  • Lt Cmdr Tactical
  • Lt Science

Here, the Assault Cruiser would have the exact same specs as the Excelsior. The only thing that would set the Excelsior apart is the Trans-Warp abilities and the skin of the ship, which is a fan favorite. This would still make it a viable C-Store commodity as people will buy the Excelsior because they like it, and it prevents penalizing the people who like the Sovereign Class.

Star Cruiser

Hull: 42000
Turn: 6 Deg / Sec
Weapons: 5/5
Consoles: 4 Eng / 3 Sci / 2 Tac
  • Ens Engineer
  • Lt Engineer
  • Cmdr Engineer
  • Lt Cmdr Science
  • Lt Tactical

So, based on the Assault Cruiser / Excelsior being more tactically oriented, with a lesser hull and higher turn rate, as well as a Lt. Cmdr. Tactical officer, it would make sense to give the Star Cruiser a much more definitive Defense aspect. Hence, the increased hull, at the cost of keeping the turn rate where it is now, and ito offset the tactical advantage of the Assault Cruiser, the Star Cruiser would have an extra Weapon Slot fore and aft, as well as a Lt. Cmdr. Science Officer, to keep in line with the Lt Cmdr. Tactical Officer of the Assault Cruiser.