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11-10-2010, 03:18 PM
Originally Posted by hort_wort View Post
Heh, I was about to suggest something like that.

Or maybe she's just out of coffee. Everyone seems to be low on coffee lately. I made the switch to tea a while back after a hamster appeared to me in a dream and advised me of the coming great coffee scourge.
My hamster drank all my elderberry so I'm.. just Section 31s Anti Assimilation Weapon.. Trying to find the last Queen that's a direct descendant of T'urell.. Im like the way Kirk and Spock beat Norman and Mudds Androids.

Besides I watched Melissa as CLarissa knows all and Britney and Justin when they were on the New Mickey Mouse Club.. Never much for Zoe or Miley SO I had to find some new Smart Girls to . .share a laugh with

and CHat as too coy. yah right.. Im plus plus Zany not joker crazy sly zany liek a fox.

Hum or I jsut played David Bowies song with the Thin Man walks the street s and the sanes stay undergound too many times when i was building models and convincing my skiny cousin to eat more and notbe an olson twin.