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# 1 STF's That Are Broken
11-10-2010, 07:07 PM
I play STFS All the time I Have done all of them the Biggest pain is KA Is So Hear to get thru spending to hours on the first part is stupid I have completed it 4 times but the problem is when they brought out season 2 they did a weapons nerf but didn't nerf the borg in the in the mission so it nearly impossible to get thru I haven't been able to get thru it since season 2... By make it say 10 to 15 probes before you fail and put timers on the gate so you know when to get back would also help to make it more enjoyable as well as challenging
Another thing the should put in save points on cure like on infected has and resopne points after every gate these are problems I have seen and experienced since the changes