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11-10-2010, 10:26 PM
Originally Posted by mistergames View Post
There must be some secret on how to destory the two alien ships before the third sattelite is destroyed. I've tried 3 times and can't do it and I have Vice Admiral weapons.With only on chance to try per day, this is very frustrating. I can understand being only be able to do a mission daily if you complete it. But it's not fun waiting another day to just to try a failed mission again. Has anyone passed this satellite repair mission with no failures (red x's)?
You need to lure them away.

Basically you beam over the repair team. Next head straight between the two Galors. They will see you as Aggro the second you get within weapons range.
So you hit it and lure them backwards away from the satelite. Don't move too far away though, as you will also need to aggro a second wave when you've destroyed the first galor (bugships).
Preferably if you can move them "north", you should have the advantage.

This accomplishes 2 things:
1: If you die, they you will have a good handful of seconds to respawn, and get back to the battle.

2: You prevent the enemies from taking a shot at the satelite when they get bored shooting at me.

I've used this strategy for 3 days now, and I havn't lost the satelite since then.

On a note, the lure away works pretty well in the Deuterium mission as well.

Unlike most missions, that enemies won't reset when/if you die, because the satelite keeps them active.