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11-11-2010, 04:20 AM
Originally Posted by Rikaelus View Post
Not sure that's really possible.

As far as I've seen there are very little to no Federation building models in existence at the moment for you to use, let alone anything that would capture the unique feel of the buildings we've already seen on screen. Terrain, as I understand it, also can't be changed and all we can do is choose from surfaces they've already made and used.

Plus... any view of San Fransisco and Paris would be lacking if you couldn't see the Golden Gate Bridge and Eifel Tower in the distant background. In fact.. I don't think there's any surface in STO right now that demonstrates a capacity to have complex "out-of-bounds" backdrop, such as city-scapes.

Anyway... feel free to try, but I'd be prepared for frustration.

This is what I was thinking too. I'm under the impression that ground and interior maps are all cookie-cutter until later when they can add the ability to produce our own maps.