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11-11-2010, 05:16 AM
Originally Posted by Pacifica
This is exactly what ive been saying for ages and ages... The Feds can win if they use Teamwork and have the right mix of ships, Skills.... or at least give us Klingons a hell of a fight !

The one tactic Feds have to learn that Fails the most is the 1 vs 5/10... I've seen some Klingons just throw their life away as well, but 90% of the time its the Feds... (edited for grammar & spelling)
I've said it before, and I'll say it again..

Originally Posted by Katic
War, and the accompanied arms race, is always a battle between technology and tactics, as new technology comes available, new tactics must be utilized to defeat it.

When Germany perfected the Submarine, the Allies developed the Wolf Pack, when the Germans started lying in wait rather than actively hunt, we invented the depth charge.

Technology -> Tactic -> Technology -> Tactic -> Technology..
All new abilities added to the game are tested extensively, first by the devs themselves on their own server, then by actual players on the Tribble Test Shard.

If it gets pushed to the live game on the Holodeck, that's a pretty good sign it's been mostly balanced vs existing abilities in the game, if you think it's unbalanced, there's a few things you should try before calling out for a Nerf.

Try a new set of items, if you normally play with armor layers in your engineering slots, and your shields are being eaten, try equipping a Shield Emitter Amplifier, or a Field Emitter, or better yet, both. Replace your shields, maybe that old trusty Resilient Shield Array Mk X [Reg] isn't cutting it anymore, maybe try a Covariant Shield Array Mk X [Cap]x2? (they're available cheap due to crafting)

What about your Boff abilities? Are your boffs specced for combat vs the Breen? Polarize Hull? Science Team? Directed Energy Modulation? Attack Pattern Omega? Try retraining them to concentrate on shield heals and buffs. Emergency Power to Shields, Reverse Shield Polarity, keep Science Team.

Could it be your favored method of attack? Are you trying to Alpha strike in a Science vessel? Tank in an Escort? De-buff & hold with a Cruiser? There are builds to do each (mostly) successfully, but are you using one of those few effective builds to do so?

Try changing yourself, before calling for changes to the game just because you aren't being successful.