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11-11-2010, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by InvisiblePerson
I may have just missed it, but is there a Section 31 uniform posted? Franklin Drake's uniform, I guess is what I'm looking for.
No, we haven't done a modern Section 31 uniform. The only one we see in-game is Drake's, but I guess I could postulate what the other versions would look like based on that.
Good idea! I'll start working on that this weekend.

Originally Posted by CardassianNinja View Post
I wish they would expand that pallet. I love the sky blue. Has it been suggested?
Dstahl said that they are planning on doing a rework of the costume system to allow more freedom. He didn't go into any details on what kind of changes they might make, but an expanded selection of colors would be a good change. More freedom of what could be worn with what and in which slot would be another.