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# 2 Section 1 - Players
11-11-2010, 12:30 PM
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Giving Players more to do is something every MMO aspires to achieve. However, simply adding more content isn’t an easy task. With players having their own idea of what would improve the gaming experience, this analysis will start from the Player concept, and not a PvP concept. My research was based upon numerous categories that the majority of Players have commented on concerning game play improvement.

As you continue, you will find this system offers the Player a broader range of activity. As a whole it will benefit the STO community through participation, strategy, discussion and deeper immersion into the 2409 Story Line in a way that makes sense and was conceived with a logical approach.

Passive Bonuses

Players in this concept will receive a variety of Passive Skill Bonuses. The three main forms in which players will gain passive skill bonuses are from their “Platform Terminals”, “Fleet Starbases” and Personal Accolades. I will be covering these bonuses in depth later on in the analysis.

Personal Accolades

Players will have a myriad of new Accolades to achieve. These Accolades will be rewarded through Crafting, PvP, and Faction based construction of “Mining Platforms”*, i.e. Terminal placements in “Resource Maps”*.

Collecting Resources (Daily) Missions
New Daily Missions will be available to the Player under this Analysis.

The Exchange in this analysis provides an option for Players to participate in the “Galactic Economy” and “Resource Warfare” by allowing them to bypass certain steps in the process. Players who prefer trading on the Exchange to “Crafting” or “Resource Daily Missions”* will be able to utilize the Exchange to find the goods they are looking for.