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# 3 Section 2 - Data Samples
11-11-2010, 12:34 PM
II-Data Samples

Collecting Data Samples
Players would gather Data Samples using the current model present in the game. These samples are required for Crafting “Terminal Recipes”, which are the main components needed to construct a “Mining Platform” for your Faction. **Note: This would require a KDF Crafting Menu AND SOME Method (Stolen, Raided, etc) of Gathering Data Samples to allow the Klingon Faction to Craft Items, since they do not have that option at this time. (One is in the works for Season 3)**

Terminal Recipes:
Terminal Recipes are broken up into 3 necessary components for Mining Platform Construction*: Power Nodes, Terminal Connectors and Modified Console Kit Recipes.

Power Nodes Recipes
Power Nodes are Not Class specific and are Not Mk level specific. Any Player may craft (depending on their crafting skill rank) and place a Power Nodes on Mining Platforms. These will be discussed in detail as we continue.

Terminal Connector Consoles
Terminal Connector Consoles are Not Class Specific, but ARE Mk level specific. The Mk level of the CC determines the overall Hit Points (Hull) and Shield Capacity of your Terminal. Combined with a Modified Console Kits, they are a key requirement for Terminal Console Construction.

Modified Console Kit Recipes
“MCKs” are class and Mk level specific items used in Terminal Construction*. When added to a Terminal Connector, the MCK determines what “Type” of Terminal you are constructing, as well as what abilities your Terminal will posses. Think of MCKs as “Boff Skills” you’d normally train your bridge officers, except these are being added to a stationary object via a crafted item.

**For a FULL list of ability possibilities for Modified Console Kit Recipes, please refer to the following links.




As you can see there are many different abilities that can be used to make MCK Recipes for your Terminal Consoles. This would provide a myriad of customization for individuals to set up and figure out what Terminal configurations work best to fit their play style. I will cover more on Terminal Consoles in the following sections.

**Please Note: Passive Player and Fleet skill bonuses are tied into the type of MCK you are making and its’ Mk level. Essentially, the better the Mk the MCK, the greater the passive bonuses you and your fleet mates receive from your terminal.

Data Samples can be bought or sold on the Exchange. This offers players a means of gathering the materials they need for crafting without having to resort to actively collecting the data samples themselves should they choose to take that route.