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# 7 Section 6 - Resources
11-11-2010, 02:52 PM
VI Resources


Crystals - A crystal is a regularly ordered solid mineral.
For this analysis I have chosen 2 different Crystals Players may obtain through Resource Maps: Dilithium and Lithium

Materials Materials include Alloys & Composites and other Precious Materials. For this analysis I have chosen 3 different Materials Players may obtain through Resource Maps: Latinum (Not GPL), Polyduranide and Pollyalloy.

Minerals - Minerals are natural, inorganic, solid compounds with a regularly ordered crystalline structure. (TNG: "Silicon Avatar") Rock is a naturally occurring solid substance composed of minerals. (TNG: "Thine Own Self") All mineral names, with only a few exceptions, end with the suffix -ite or -ine. Mining is the process of extracting minerals from objects like planets and asteroids. (DS9: "Chimera") Furthermore, several planets are sources of minerals in the Federation including Earth, Janus VI, Ardana, Capella IV, Coridan, and Elas. (TOS: "Journey to Babel", "Elaan of Troyius"). For this analysis I have chosen 2 different Minerals Players may obtain through Resource Maps: Gallicite and Kelbonite.

Substances Include; Fuels, Explosives, and other natural substances & synthetic substances. For this analysis I have chosen 3 different Substances Players may obtain through Resource Maps: Thoron Gas, Deuterium and Kemocite Ore.


Obtaining Resources
Players will Travel to the designated map for which they are collecting Resources. Located within the Protected Spawn area of EACH resource map are Resource Collector Stations. The % Output of the total number of bases your Faction controls on that Map determines the current amount of Resources you may pick up from any Collection Station. Traveling to a Ground Map from a Space Map does carry its risks, as other players of the rival faction are busy gathering their resources, building up their platforms, or just there to raid the unwitting traveler.

As mentioned above, Resources could be used in Creating and Maintaining your Fleet Starbases. Also, they may be used in recipes for crafting Purple (Very Rare) Mk II - MK XII Ground and Ship Gear.

Exchange & Trading Resources
The Resources are not bound items, and may be traded or sold on the exchange. This will help create community participation since not every player likes PvP or cares to track down the resources themselves. Buying Resources off the exchange will still grant Players the two main interest points I just mentioned.

Different Resources, once obtained, could then be used for Crafting Recipes. These recipes would be used to create Very Rare (Purple) Ship and Ground items ranging from Mk II Mk XII. This is ONE of TWO Critical Key Points in justifying this analysis. Allowing Players a method for Crafting Purple gear would add another layer to the Crafting System and make it a worthwhile endeavor, as the current Crafting System allows you to create substandard gear that is inferior to current Items obtained through Emblems and Medals. It would also allow Players to have a greater chance of obtaining Purple Items at Lower Levels either through Crafting or Trading on the Exchange.