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# 9 Section 8 - Fleet Starbases
11-11-2010, 02:44 PM
VIII – Fleet Starbase

A starbase is a facility where starships are maintained and resupplied, and crews can relax. A starbase can be a research station, a military base, a place for interstellar trade or a seat of administration. Some starbases are also involved in the construction of starships. Starbases offer various services to vehicles, from medical facilities to full-fledged spacedocks capable of refitting a starship.
Starbases can be partially or completely located on a planet surface, or be limited to strictly spaceborne installations. Some are a combination of a ground-based facility with orbital components.

The term starbase is often specifically used to refer to Federation Starfleet bases. Federation starbases are usually commanded by a flag officer, and fulfill a major supporting role in Starfleet. They coordinate starship operations and provide supplies and maintenance to Federation starships. Some starbases, like Deep Space 9, are jointly operated by local governments. Major Federation starbases are numbered sequentially, totaling more than 700 in the 2360s. Besides the numbered starbases, Starfleet also operates so-called "Deep Space" outposts, usually located outside Federation territory or in the interstellar void.

Dstahl – Q & A
“14. Fleet star bases. " I hear they are coming out but then I hear conflicting reports on what form they will be." Will it be a captain’s table type thing but with only your fleet can come. Or will it actually be a station in open space? Where people if they knew where to look can visit and ask to come aboard. I hope it’s the latter. I would like open systems where you stick one in. Maybe varying on size based on players in the fleet and credits. Maybe Dronzana size when you have 20 player fleet. Huge space dock size when you have 200 players.

This is all TBD - we want to do Fleet Created and Managed starbases that are a requirement in order to build a shipyard and build your own ships. “

Implementing UGC (Foundry)
With the Foundry rolling out, the big question at hand is Design vs. Functionality. Will Fleets be allowed to design anything under the sun and fill it with all the current vendors and services provided at ESD and DS9?

Design vs. Functionality

Location in Sector Space:
If you recall the canon map from before, it was covered with Pink Dots. These areas represent Fleet Starbase Systems, or areas where Players may purchase property to begin construction on their Base.


Fleet Starbase “Systems”
Similar to Sector Space, these systems would be accessible through Sector Space and put you onto a Star System Map that includes Planets, Moons, a Star, and areas for "Claiming" your plot for a Starbase.

Example of a Fleet Starbase System

Purchasing a Starbase “Claim” and “Lease”
Starbase Claims vary on price depending on proximity to the Sol System. The closer a fleet wishes to build their Starbase to Sol, the higher the price in Energy Credits for the Claim and Weekly Lease Payment. Fleet Starbase Systems will have a price range within the system itself depending on the type and location of the Claim within the Star System. These “Claims” are Map Designed Features, and not part of the Foundry System, to ensure a balance of flow between Sector Space and Fleet Starbase Systems.



Starbase Levels & Size

  • Access Corridors* - Provide Structural Passageways between Key Facilities.
  • Ambassadors Room**** - A State Room for Visiting Guests
  • Brig / Holding Cells*** - Detainment Facility for Criminals and POWs
  • Cargo Bay** - Containment Area for Resources
  • Communications Array* - Broadcasts Fleet wide Messages concerning Station Status Reports
  • Defense Grid* - Protects Station from Hostile Incursion
  • Life Support* - Maintains Environmental Conditions on the Station
  • Operations* - Improves Resource Power Consumption Efficiency
  • Power Grid* - Maintains Resource Power Consumption
  • Reactor* - Provides the Station Power (see reactor levels)
  • Resource “Bank” (Fleet Daily Mission)*
  • Station Deflector & Sensor Array (Station Deflectors)* - Improves Stations Sensor Abilities
  • Sickbay** - Provides Medical Care to Wounded Personnel
  • Space Dock*** - Provides Ship Repair Services for Damaged Vessels and customizable ship creation tools.
  • Transporter Room* - Provides a teleport Rally Point for visitors entering the station
  • Turbo-Lift** - Provides Station Personnel/Visitors to travel between Decks if more than one deck is available.
  • Bank** - Provides Regular and Fleet Bank Option on Station
  • Crafting** - Provides Crafting Option and Necessary Crafting Technology on Station
  • Entertainment: 10-Forward (or) Bar/Observation Lounge* - Provides Beverages and Entertainment via Dabo and Poker on Station
  • Exchange*** - Provides Exchange Terminal Services on Station
  • Holosuite**** - Provides UGC (Foundry) “Holo-Missions” to be accessible to Fleet Members and Visitors on Station
  • Living Quarters* - Provides Personal Quarters for Fleet Members on Station
  • Mail** - Provides Mail Services on Station
  • Promenade*** - Provides a location for potential business/vendors on Station
  • Skill Trainer**** - Provides Skill Training Option on Station
  • Station Personnel* - Engineering, Science and Tactical NPC Personnel required to run the day to day maintenance of operating a Station.
  • Tailor** - Provides Tailoring Services on Station
  • Temple*** - Provides Religious Services on Station
  • Vendors**** - Provide Vending Services on Station, i.e. Commodities, Devices and other Common Purchasable Goods


Cost to Build
The Cost in EC and Resource to Add Components to your Fleet Starbase. Upgrades to Higher Level Starbase equipment is also covered in Building Costs.

Example of Build Out Cost:

Example of In Game Build Out Cost:

Cost to Maintain
Maintenance of your Fleet Starbase counts on a few factors. How Much Power Output your Reactor provides vs. The Total Power Drain on your systems. Resources offset this Power Drain by fueling your "daily maintenance" needs. It will draw from your Fleet's Resource Depository until it runs empty. At which point, system failures and problems begin to occur on your base. Should your power levels fall beyond the point of sustaining life support levels, the station is evacuated and derelict until you can get enough resources back into your Starbase.


Station Resource Meter
The Resource Meter Is the display through which you track your Starbases Daily Consumption and Power Levels.


Station Resource Depository Bank
The Bank in which your Fleet members deposit their resources. The Starbases' daily power consumption pulls from the Resource Bank to keep the Station Running.


**Visitor’s Donation Drop Box - Visitors to your Station may be impressed with what they see or what services you have to offer. As such, a donation box that receives Resources should be available for those wishing to contribute to your Fleet Resource Depository Bank.

Docking Permissions:
Will your fleet allow others to visit your station? Some folks like their privacy, and as such, some sort of Docking Permissions should be implemented to determine who may or may not enter your Fleet Starbase.