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# 10 Section 9 - Factions
11-11-2010, 04:00 PM
IX Factions

Galactic Economy:

Galactic Resource Charts:

System Resource Output Summary: The basis for the entire Matrix. Keeping the output per map set low, allows for more diversity in the Galactic Economy. Players will not be able to "overnight" their way into a Level 4 Terminal, Platform or Fleet Starbase.

Resource Map Summary: A brief overview of the Number of Resource Maps in play in this Matrix.

Maximum Resource Output by Platform Level: Showcases the number (in units) of resources produced at a Mining Platform. These numbers are then modified and adjusted accordingly as they make their way through the rest of the Math.

Map Output Percentage per Platform Level: Indicates the % Levels of Output of a Mining Platform depending on it's Level.

Maximum Galactic Resource Output Chart: Indicates Mining Productivity for Each Faction in Percentages. The total max output from a faction controlled mining platform on a SINGLE Resource Map is 1%. If a Faction controls all 5 mining platforms, and each platform is @ max output, the total max output for the MAP is 5%.

Galactic Resource Chart: Indicates the Maximum (100%) Division of Galactic Resources

Galactic Resource Graph: Indicates the Maximum (100%) Division of Galactic Resources in Pie Graph form for a more user friendly interface.

Galactic Economy Resource Summary: Indicates the categories of Resources that make up the Maximum Division of 100%.

Faction Resource Bonuses:
This bonus is one of the modifiers that adjusts your "Actual" Resource Output in Units. The bonuses are derived from to sum of how much of one particular Resource Category (Crystals, Materials, Minerals and Substances) a Faction controls. I.e. your Faction receives a % bonus to Dilithium from the total % of Crystals being produced.

Faction Resource Discounts:
These Discounts come into play when purchasing/building costs of your Fleet Starbase whenever you add a new component.

Actual Resouce Output Summary:
With all Resource Maps in play, the Actual Output Chart is displayed below. These are the Outputs after Modifiers such as Map Alliance and Faction Bonuses have been included. The numbers in units are what a Player receives when they travel to those Resource Maps to "collect resources".

Resource Economics (MATH)
The charts are for the Game Mechanics aspect. The visual output the Player will see, can best be visualized with the following...

These Charts are a representation of the System Details pertaining to Resource Maps. Each Star System is broken up into both Space and Ground Mining Platform information.

Included within are: The name of the Map, Type of Resource being Mined, Map Faction Alliance, Breakdown on # of bases controlled by faction and their resource unit output levels. It also shows the % of Resource controlled by each faction, as well as the amount of resource that is "untapped production".

These numbers are then subjected to modifiers such as Faction Resource Bonuses and Map Faction Alliance Bonuses/Deductions.

With this information, players may access it via the Resource Map summary located within your Galaxy Star Map as another tab. This feature would showcase the Galactic Economy Information, i.e. who is controlling what.

Also, the information could be viewed when you arrive in a particular Star System, and pull up your map to view the "System Details"





Some of the Game interface display may appear something like this as far as "System Details" go when pertaining to Resource Maps.

This Chart shows System Detail information pertaining to how much "Actual" Resource each Faction controls in a particular System.

This Chart showcases what a Player would receive in "Units" when traveling to a Resource Map to collect the Resource Output for their Daily Missions.

To view the full spreadsheet with all the formulas behind this matrix click on the link below:

The items described in this analysis, from crafting items, to terminal components and resources are all available on the Exchange. This means both Factions may utilize this system through numerous avenues.