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Hello! I think that being a support class in this game is sort of difficult due to your targeting options. 1st of all, you can only select 1 target, and that target can change in a moment depending on settings and events. What we support people need, (especially medics on the ground) is the ability to pre-emptively activate targetable powers, and then be able to choose their target.

Example... Dr. Kirkface wants to heal a specific person in his away team, but every time he tries to select the other person and activate the heal, he is shot by a klingon and uses it on himself instead... Or in space you have a target selected for an engineering team, but Realize at the last second that it's the wrong one or whatever....

Personally, I'd like to have slots for both friendly and enemy 'gumps' and at least an option to have a 'Target Phase' where I can actually click on a gump to select that target, or even just click on the ship or person itself to actually release the effect. Does anyone out there agree with me?