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11-11-2010, 05:52 PM
I would like to thank the developer for those answers :p
and made another list of

When we play a mission, there is a stylized fade in with the mission title at the beginning, can we do that ?

It was mensioned that we can link certain mission events to current maps...instruct a player to contact
so and so on DS9...can you elaborate on that ?

As per an earlier question, a lot of writers would like to be able to place forcefields...similar to tutorial.
Then we can allow players to see what is in a room without letting them in it.

How will ship interor maps be constructed ? Will we just have templates or will we have pieces
we can connect together?

How many exterior building placeables will we have? Any chance to have Star Fleet style buildings?

As cryptic adds more missions, will they share new placeable they create? Immediately ? or lump
them up and periodically add them as a group. ?

Will we, as writters, have at least one dedicated developer that we can communicate with concerning
foundry issues and content requests?

Can we overlap non-interactive placeables ? basically, if I wanted a wider building on the asteroid,
could I place two overlaping buildings to make it look like one larger building ?

One last one for this bunch..Will we have some controll to scale the size of objects ? mainly space objects
and or enemy space ships? need a big borg cube, just double its size.

Dats all for today