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# 1 Official Foundry Request
11-11-2010, 05:38 PM
Well, as official as anything can be coming from me...

I'd really like to make sure that we have access to (in addition to all of the prefabs currently ingame) some basic building materials. Different size walls, windows, beams, lights, bricks... in different species "flavors" maybe?

This way we can build for whatever and add a ton of variety without reusing the same old stale buildings that we've seen since launch.

Also, just a quick idea that could use some fleshing out, but it's been mentioned that creating the thousands of systems necessary to build a true open exploration experience would be very time consuming... and it would be, for a Dev Team. But if we, in our thousands, were to have the ability to create new systems and place them in an exploration sector.... the possibilities are literally endless.

Picture exploration space as a huge, mostly empty map, but each star visible represents an actual hand-designed, hand placed star system... and I'm talking huge, something that would take an hour of real time, or more, to fly across in sector space. But every star you see can be explored...

It could work like this:
Say the huge exploration map is made up of a grid, where a player could "buy" a grid square to design. In that grid square are smaller squares, each of which could contain a star - which represents a system that can be explored. ("Buy" could represent ingame currency, of C Store credits, or Honor points, whatever - the point is, it would cost the player something to work on it, limiting the number of claimed, but unused/undesigned squares) - Anyway, as the Foundry designer finishes a system, he publishes it and it becomes visible in sector space. A player could design his grid to include a small war between two systems in his "grid", or resource/trading coalitions among the aliens that he created to live there...

Again, the possibilities are endless. So is it a big request, yep... but using a lot of what already exists, it could solve one of the largest problems plaguing this game. I love STO, and Cryptic for making it... this could help me help them make the greatest game ever.