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11-11-2010, 10:11 PM
I don't have the 4 hours it would take me to fully read and comprehend this but if it wasn't already mentioned I'd say a Mining/Trader Faction consisting of any and all species which could do missions for one side or the other in addition to fulfilling contracts placed by Player Fleets and various alien factions would be awesome.

This would allow people who want to mine and trade the ability to do so without forcing people that wanna play sto w/o grinding minerals to build a starbase these traders can always buy a variety of ships (including things like the generic science ship that was once featured on the Pre-Launch STO ships page) or faction ships that are retrofitted for a higher level (though still not as good as some other ships at that level) Traders/Miners shouldn't be able to fully defend from enemies unless in a group when they can concentrate fire otherwise even on normal most enemies should be a good challenge...this would allow them to either team up with numerous other traders for mining OR they could enter player faction missions and mine the numerous asteroids or take samples for reporting to the local mining agency for that faction (complete with a finders fee and perhaps a portion of the mined mineral(s) sent to their mailbox weekly for a set amount of time...)